Changing Role

In summary:

  • When you start a new role with The Scouts all of your existing training counts towards the new role.

  • Some training has to be revalidated
    (e.g. if you move from Beavers to Explorers then the way you manage challenging behaviour may be slightly different).

  • Some modules will have changed their syllabus and don't automatically get signed off when you change role.


  • By default every module that might need revalidating is added to your new Personal Learning Plan in Compass.

  • The modules page on has a Change of Role box for each module explaining whether you need to do anything.

  • Discuss with your Training Advisor whether you need to do any extra training or if you just need to carry out the module's validation criteria for your current role

  • Validate the module just the same as if you were a new leader

Changes in training

Some modules like Essential Information have changed and your old module won't have automatically carried across.

  • You should discuss whether retaking the course / eLearning or trying the new validation criteria is right for you.

  • We recommend taking the new versions of courses to refresh your memory

  • Module 6 - Changes Scouting has been retired and became part of the new Module 1 - Essential Information

It is strongly recommended to take the new Module 7 (Scouting for All) course which was released in 2020.

Extra wood beads

You won't receive a second set of wood beads if you've already received one sorry.