Support for existing volunteers

Can't book a validation session with a training advisor?

  • Book onto courses anyway;

  • Follow the instructions below;

  • Discuss how you are putting the validation criteria into practice with your Group Scout Leader / Explorer Scout Commissioner;

Wood Badge Training

The wood badge is a set of replica Zulu iziQu beads given to every trained leader since 1919.

For most section leaders this means completing 17 more training modules made up of a course (booked through the county website), a check your knowledge quiz, and then completing some validation activities to put that training into practice.

Leaders & managers have 3 years to complete their Wood Badge (but should realistically be able to do it in 18 months - 2 years)

If you change role (e.g. move from Beavers to Scouts) then you'll need to complete a much shorter set of training modules and validation criteria to complete your new Wood Badge.

What do I need to do?

You can check which modules you still need to do, and your current progress towards your Personal Learning Plan in the "Training" section of "My Scouting" in Compass (the adult membership system)

How do I do it?

The adults personal file is now available as part of the Scouts Website.

The modules page has:

  • A list of all the training modules (and optional extra modules) available.

  • The check your knowledge chart to see whether you've completed the learning (or if you can already answer it all without having to go on the course)

  • The different options (validation criteria) to put that learning into practice as part of running your meetings or carrying out your role

Once you've completed the training (or had the prior knowledge signed off) and can show how you've put it into practice against the validation criteria then you need to book a session with a training advisor to validate your learning and sign off the module.

Validation sessions can be arranged:

  • With a training advisor assigned to help you with your training you the County

  • By booking a slot for a virtual meeting through the County website

  • [Coming Jan 2022] By attending a drop-in session at Roland Philipps Scout Centre on Saturday mornings

Ongoing Learning

The three ongoing learning modules need to be completed every 3 years.
Proof of completion can be added to Compass by a Training Advisor, your Group Scout Leader / Explorer Scout Commissioner, or emailing the certificate to

Safety & Safeguarding

These two courses can be completed on the Scouts website:

Regardless of their quality, external courses cannot be used for safety and safeguarding as they do not cover our Yellow and Purple Card procedures.

First Aid

First aid is now run as two modules:

  • Module 10A (Theory)

  • Module 10B (Practical)

Hampshire County Scouts are currently providing support to us to complete Module 10A online.

Once you have Module 10A completed you will either be contacted by the County to arrange 10B or can find courses on the County website.

External First Aid Qualifications

Check that your qualification covers everything on the curriculum for First Response and if so get in touch with a training advisor or your GSL / Explorer Scout Commissioner.