Giving all young people access to an amazing programme

Our aim for 2023 is to:

  • Give all young people several chances to earn their top award during their time in each section;

  • Help sections to deliver areas of the programme which they are currently having difficulty with;

  • Give leaders the tools and confidence to run Community Impact projects as part of their programme;

  • Operate a District programme which allows young people to take part in activities a section couldn’t organise on their own;

  • Pool leaders’ skills so that more young people can take part in a greater range of activities;

How we're going to get there:

We appointed 2 Deputy District Commissioners in late 2018 to support the development and delivery of the programme.

Programme Development

Headed by Ben Gray

  • Helping groups to review their programmes

  • Help groups to deliver areas of the programme that they're currently having trouble with

  • Identify skills needed to run activities

  • Supporting groups to access a district skill pool

  • Helping groups to run Community Impact projects

Programme Delivery

Headed by Kevin Bridge

  • Co-ordinate the district programme

  • Develop a District structure to support the programme

  • Make meetings accessible to Explorer Scout Young Leaders, and give them a voice in the decision making for their section

  • Support the OSM roll-out

  • Make sure Young Leaders are trained

  • Make sure Young Leaders get the most out of their role

[Draft] Our minimum service level

By the end of 2020 groups should expect the following from the district:

  • A 12 month rolling plan of district events;

    • Final dates for district events agreed a term beforehand so that leaders can plan their programme;

    • A go / no go for district events 3 weeks beforehand;

    • Any permission slips for a district event are available at least 2 full calendar weeks before the event;

  • 3 whole district events will be run every year;

  • A Promise Renewal / St George's Day event will be run at least once every 2 years;

  • Engage all sections with at least 1 leaders' meeting a term

    • An experienced buddy will be assigned to support any leader running a district event who requests the support;

2023 targets


  • Every section has awarded a staged Community Impact badge;

  • Every section has (at minimum) a programme for the next half term in writing (we acknowledge that this may be subject to change);

  • No section has a "red" on the quality programme checker;

  • Sections are using (digital) tools to track young peoples' progress towards awards;

Top awards

  • Every (established) section in the district has awarded a Chief Scout's Award;

  • All Explorer units complete at least 1 Duke of Edinburgh's Expedition a year;

    • We are converting 50% of Duke of Edinburgh's Awards into Chief Scout's Awards

  • We will have awarded at least 4 Queen's Scout Awards;

  • We will have awarded a Scouts of The World Award;

  • We will have completed an Explorer Belt expedition;

Adventurous activities

  • A district skills directory allows leaders to find other adults with permits to help run activities;

  • The district will have reviewed its ability to deliver adventurous activities at all District premises and taken action;

District events

  • A self-led Active Support Unit is delivering District events;

  • Members under 25 are involved in delivering the District programme;