Quick Start:

Bootcamp for new volunteers

Before you start

As a new adult in Scouts you have to complete a few steps:

  1. Filling in your Adult Information Form and getting added to the national membership system
    (Please warn your references to expect an email from Judy Phillips our appointment secretary and to keep an eye on spam boxes if they don't hear anything.)

  2. Completing a police & background check with the DBS (this ensures the safety of young people, and makes sure that a new group treasurer isn't wanted for armed robbery.)

What comes next:

  1. Completing this boot camp and the "Getting Started" training for your role

  2. Having a chat with some members of our Appointments Committee to check that you're getting on okay, and that you're definitely doing the right role for you.

We ask you to complete bootcamp so that you (and your Scouts) can get the benefits of the training.

Until you've completed this training you can't:

  • Be the Leader in Charge of a meeting;

  • Hold an activity permit or have any support towards adventurous activity qualifications;

  • Attend overnight at camps or residential experiences;

  • Wear any badges on your uniform

As a new adult helping out in The Scouts

You'll need to complete up to 5 basic training modules, and if you're a leader meet with our appointments committee for an informal chat about how things are getting on after a month.

In East London we challenge you to complete your basic training (5 x 20 minute e-learning modules) in 4 weeks:

Week 0 - Safety Essentials

We're trusted by parents and other leaders to keep everyone safe at Scouts, so everyone needs to complete two bits of training:

They take about 20 minutes each to complete as an e-learning course. You just need to send a photo of the certificate on your screen at the end to training.compliance@scouts.org.uk who will update your record for you.

These need to be completed along with the Adult Information Form (or similar) and DBS Check when you first join your group.

Week 1 - Who are we, what do we do?

You’ve covered all of the safety essentials from Week 0 and can start to help out with the group.

Our first weekly training session is Module 1 - Essential Information. This covers the basics of what Scouts is all about and how we as adults fit into that.

When you’ve finished you just need to send a photo of the certificate on your screen at the end to training.compliance@scouts.org.uk who will update your record for you.

If you don’t already, make sure that you have a free copy of the three Safe Scouting Cards

  • Yellow - Safeguarding and Child Protection

  • Purple - Safety and What to do in Emergencies

  • Green - Our Policy on Alcohol

Week 2 - Protecting Members Data

We hold a lot of information about the young people taking part in Scouts, their parents, and the adults helping to run it. Like anyone holding personal information, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) apply to us.

This week’s training module is all about Data Protection and how the rules apply to us in running the Scouts.

When you’ve finished you just need to send a photo of the certificate on your screen at the end to training.compliance@scouts.org.uk who will update your record for you.

Week 3a - Tools for your role if you are helping to run a meeting

(e.g. Cub Scout Leaders, Assistant Cub Scout Leaders, Section Assistants or Member of an Active Support Unit)

You're now helping to run part of a Scouts meeting for a group of young people.

This module gives you all the skills and tools to make the most of your time, and for the young people to get the most out of it as well.

If you are the main leader for a section then you will also be involved with the Group Executive Committee and need to complete Week 3c below as well.

Week 3b - Tools for your role if you are manager or a supporter

(e.g. Group Scout Leader, Assistant District Commissioner, Active Support Manager)

If your role doesn't have the word Leader or Manager in the title, please check whether you need to complete this module.

This module gives you all the skills and tools to make the most of your time, set direction and for everyone involved to get the most out of it as well.

If you are a Group Scout Leader then you'll need to complete Week 3c below as part of working with your Group Executive Committee.

Week 3c - Trustee Induction

If you are on the executive committee (this includes Section leaders)

As part of the committee you're a trustee helping to make Scouts happen for your local community.

This training module sets you up with everything you need to know to be an effective trustee and to run your group

Complete your Trustee Induction training online

When you’ve finished you just need to send a photo of the certificate on your screen at the end to training.compliance@scouts.org.uk who will update your record for you.

Week 4 - Personal Learning Plan

This week's challenge is slightly different:

If you're an instructor, an administrator, on a committee or just assist a group:

You're all done - grab a cup of tea!

If you are a leader, manager, or commissioner

It's time to plan the rest of your adult training!
You should aim to do this in 1.5 - 2 years, but have up to 3 to complete it.

  • If you have been given contact details for a training advisor then you should contact them to set up your Personal Learning Plan for completing the rest of your training.

  • If you don't have a training advisor, then you can book a validation session from the County training website

  • If you're part of a brand new group / section this will be done with whoever is helping to launch you.

The appointments committee

After about a month (and only once your referees have replied) you'll be invited to have a chat with our appointments committee.

The committee wants to check:

  • that you're getting on okay, and that you've signed up for the right role for your skills,

  • that you know what you've signed up for as a leader / helper,

  • that you've got everything you need to complete your training

  • you don't have any questions that you feel to embarrassed to ask the leaders in your own group

Sometimes the committee will approve your role without inviting you along for a chat. If this happens, you will receive an email from Compass telling you that your role has now reached "full" status instead of being "provisional".

Next Steps

If you're a helper or an administrator, that's it! (Unless you'd like to do some more of the training)

For leaders and managers check out the Existing Volunteers page for more information on completing your training. There are a range of training modules covering areas such as what Scouting is all about, administration and how to safely run a programme.

You'll receive emails from the county training team about upcoming modules, and can find all of the training courses available at www.glne-scouts.org.uk/training

You then just need to complete the validation activities for each module as part of the normal process of running your meetings.

Did you complete the Young Leader Scheme as an Explorer Scout?

Your existing training and missions can be used to validate adult training!

When you book your Validation session for your Personal Learning Plan let them know that you've completed the young leader belt which can help tick of some learning and validation activities.

The Wood Badge (Leaders and Managers)

The wood badge is a set of replica Zulu iziQu beads given to every trained leader since 1919.

For most section leaders this means completing 17 more training modules made up of a course (booked through the county website), a check your knowledge quiz, and then completing some validation activities to put that training into practice.

You can check which modules you need to do, and your current progress towards your Personal Learning Plan in the "Training" section of "My Scouting" in Compass (the adult membership system)

You'll also need The Adults Personal File (printed copies are available from Roland Philipps Scout Centre)

  • It lists of all the possible modules (check your PLP for the ones you need to do)

  • It has the check your knowledge quiz for each module

  • It explains the ways you can validate the module training as part of the normal running of your section

Leaders & managers have 3 years to complete their Wood Badge (but should realistically be able to do it in 18 months - 2 years)

If you change role (e.g. move from Beavers to Scouts) then you'll need to complete a much shorter set of training modules and validation criteria to complete your new Wood Badge

Nights Away Permits

In order to run a Beaver Sleepover, a Cubs weekend at a Campsite or an Explorer Expedition to Switzerland one adult involved needs to have a Nights Away Permit

Note for anyone going on a Nights Away experience

All adults staying overnight must have a "Full" role in Compass and a valid DBS check.

Leaders, assistant leaders and section assistants must have completed basic training, and have kept their essential training up-to-date when it expires after 3 years:

  • Safety

  • Safeguarding

  • First Aid

Adventurous Activities Permits

Once you've completed basic training and your induction period, permits can be earned to run a range of adventurous activities from Air Rifles and Archery through to Climbing and Mountain Walking.

Some funding may be available from HQ (currently only towards courses for 18-25 year olds) and the District will support any leader with a Wood Badge to earn a permit (so long as you use the permit to help Scouts from all of groups).

Contact support@eastlondonscouts.org.uk if you're interested in permits.