Growing our District in a sustainable way

Our aim for 2023 is to:

  • Make sure that Scouting in East London reflects the diversity of cultures and communities found across the boroughs of Hackney and Tower Hamlets;

  • Offer quality Scouting to more young people without negatively impacting existing groups;

  • Engage with schools, communities and other groups to:

    • Open new Scout Groups in areas where we currently have no Groups;

    • Promote Scouting in groups with space to increase their numbers;

  • Ensure that a long term plan is in place to help new and existing groups / sections to thrive;

How we're going to get there:

This area is directly supported by the District Commissioner, although we're open to recruiting one or more people to take on the role of Deputy District Commissioner for Growth.

District Growth & Development

Headed by Jon Ellison

  • Ensure Executive Committees are in place to support Groups;

  • Make sure Groups have goals to grow and develop;

  • Encourage GSLs to support Young Leaders

  • Open new Scouting provision across the District;

  • Have a plan in place to thrive

Making Leaders Feel Valued

  • Collect feedback on the District;

  • Make people feel valued;

  • Thank people for their work;

Minimum Service Level

By the end of 2020 groups should expect the following from the district:

  • An awards panel will meet 4 times a year to promote Good Service awards in the district;

  • All leaders will have been given multiple chances to attend an appointments committee within 5 months of joining;

  • Existing groups will be consulted before the creation of a neighbouring group;

  • Growth will be a standing agenda item at Group Scout Leader and District Trustee meetings;

Goals for 2023

New provision

  • We will have opened four new groups (including the 3rd Bethnal Green);

  • Our District will have over 1000 members (increased from 800 young people & adults in January 2019)

  • Groups with missing sections will conduct a feasibility study on what they would need to support opening that section;

Existing groups

  • Proper governance will be in place for each group:

    • Each group will have a Group Scout Leader;

    • Each group will have an Executive Committee;

  • Each group / section will meet the minimum requirements laid out under POR;

  • Each group will have a series of short term and long term goals that they are working towards;

Adult joining

  • All leaders will have 2 opportunities for an appointments committee before their 5 month induction period is completed;

  • Leaders who have not completed their induction period within 5 months of joining will be invited for an appointment review by a member of the district team, and where appropriate reassigned or retired;