New Leaders

Welcome to East London Scouts!

Thank you for volunteering to help bring amazing adventures and skills for life to some of the 600 Scouts in Hackney and Tower Hamlets. Whether you’re helping to run games on a Tuesday night or taking on more responsibilities, you’re now part of a wider team of 150 volunteers across our district.

As a new leader there are a few things that you need to do, so this pack helps you with your first steps and gets you started on the basic training that needs to be done within 5 months of joining, and the full training which can be done over 5 years.

The 4 steps of becoming a leader

There are 4 steps to becoming a leader and earning your "Wood Badge" to show that you've completed all of your training.

Adult Information Form / DBS Check

(Within 30 days)

Your group's leader should give you a form which has all the information that we need to know in order to set up your DBS check and add you to our membership system.

If your leader adds you straight into our membership system, please make sure that they've asked for the name and email of 2 referees!

All volunteers also need to complete a background check within 30 days to ensure the safety of the young people that they’re working with. If it takes longer than 30 days to fill in your ID check online then you will be asked to take a break from attending meetings until the check has been completed.

Meet The Appointments Committee

(Within 5 months)

Once you’ve completed your DBS check, and we’ve received the 2 references from the people on your Adult Information Form, then it’s time to come and meet our Appointments Committee.

You’ll have an informal chat with 3 other leaders to make sure that you’re doing a role that’s right for you, and that you understand the training requirements for your role.

Don’t worry - it’s nowhere near as scary as it sounds!

Didn't fill in a membership form, or weren't asked for references?

Send the names and email addresses of 2 people who we can ask to fill in a 1 page reference form to:

  • Referees cannot be family members

  • One referee must have known you for 5 years

  • At least one referee must not be a member of the Scouts

(We don't need referees for Executive Committee members or Occasional Helpers)

Make your promise and get Invested as a Scout

(Within 5 months)

After your appointments committee you can make your promise and start to wear a scarf and badges on your uniform so long as you’ve finished your basic training and an online GDPR course.

The easiest way to do your training is to attend a “Getting Started+” course which covers the first few modules of training.

Complete your Wood Badge training

(Within 5 years)

Every leader since 1919 has received a set of beads from a Zulu iziQu to show that they’ve completed their training. Across the world there are over 100,000 wood badge holders.

Once you’ve done your getting started course, you’ve got 5 years to complete the remainder of your training. This will usually happen by attending several 1 / 2 day courses at a weekend:

  • First Aid

  • Multi-Module Weekend (This can be completed separately as just the Saturday & Sunday sessions.)

  • Nights Away

  • Practical Skills