Supporting our Groups, Sections & Leaders to deliver Scouting

Our aim for 2023 is to:

Make sure that everyone feels valued by:

    • Regularly taking time to listen to feedback;

    • Supporting the work that they’re doing;

    • Thanking everyone for their hard work;

Make sure that training is available (and works) for everyone:

    • So that Explorer Scout Young Leaders have easy access to the training they need;

    • So that adults have the access and advice needed to complete their whole wood badge;

    • By promoting the adventurous activities permit scheme;

    • With opportunities and guidance for ongoing learning;

Help groups to help themselves through the use of:

    • Occasional Helpers and Section Assistants to complement the traditional roles of Leaders / Assistant Leaders - providing options to start with light involvement and “trade up”;

    • Group executive committees and Scout Active Support units to provide direction and support so that our leaders can get on with running their sections;

Support and extend the Young Leader scheme so that:

    • Young leaders get the most out of the skills and experience they gain;

    • More sections take advantage of the Young Leader Scheme;

    • Groups who currently have Young Leaders can get the most out of them;

Make sure that all of our groups are setting themselves goals to continue to grow and develop;

Plan for future by:

    • Encouraging leaders to develop new skills and step into future roles;

    • Making sure that groups and the district have considered succession planning for key roles;

How we're going to get there:

We appointed 2 Deputy District Commissioners in late 2018 to drive skills support and group support within the District

Skill Support

Headed by Carl Greenslade

  • Work to promote the adventurous activities permit scheme

  • Focus on how to help adults complete their wood badge

  • Look at Ongoing Learning for leaders

  • Pooling leaders' skills / permits

  • Young Leader training

  • Assisting delivery of skills

Group Support

Headed by Kay Leggett

  • Look at the support given by training advisors to new members

  • Help groups use occasional helpers and sectional assistants

  • Support and grow the Young Leaders scheme

  • Work to grow Scout Active Support units in groups

Our Minimum Service Level

By the end of 2020 groups should expect the following from the district:

  • The district will run at least 1 First Aid and one Getting Started course each term [This provision is now managed by County]

  • The district will offer drop-in training validation as part of the opening of Roland Philipps Scout Centre on Saturdays;

  • The district will offer drop-in training validation / support at least every other month at another venue in the district;

  • The district will offer at least 1 opportunity for ongoing learning each term, based on the needs of members;

  • Young leader Module A will be offered based on the registration of new Young Leaders in OSM;

  • Young leader training is offered twice a year;

  • Young leaders are supported through a drop-in centre as part of the opening of Roland Philipps Scout Centre on Saturdays;

2023 Targets


  • Young leaders will be leading Young Leader training;

  • At least 50% of leaders will have a wood badge for each role (under 25% of leaders held one in 2018);

  • All leaders in a role for 5 months will have completed their Getting Started training or have a date booked for their Getting Started Plus Course;

  • All leaders in a role for 5 years will hold a wood badge or have training dates booked for their outstanding learning;

Activity Permits

  • All groups will have at least 1 nights away permit holder with an aim that each section has a nights away permit holder;

  • Over half of groups will have a leader with an adventurous activity permit (up from 30% in 2018);

Support for Leaders

  • Every group has an executive committee in place (up from 30% in 2018);

  • All groups have parents registered as occasional helpers;

  • Two more groups have opened an Active Support unit to support them;

Young Leaders

  • Every group has registered Young Leaders;

  • All Young Leaders have completed Module A within 3 months of registration;

  • Over 50% of Young Leaders have completed their Young Leader belt (2 belts were awarded in 2018);

Future Leaders

  • We will have appointed Assistant District Commissioners for each section;

  • Scout Network will be operating in the District and linking up with groups to encourage and support younger leaders;

  • GSLs will be reviewing roles and have a succession plan in place for their group;