Development Goals

In September 2018 we presented the first version of our district plan for the next 5 years as a response to The Scouts' national strategy titled Skills For Life.

This plan sets out 4 things that we want East London Scouts to be succeeding and leading other districts in doing, and a number of ways in which we're going to do that.

How we're going to get there

It’s going to be a team effort from the whole district, and we’re going to approach this as a series of smaller projects which we regularly review to see if things are working.

This regular cycle of Plan, Do and Review before we start on the next project (or plan what we’re going to change next) means that we shouldn’t be scared to try new things and for them to fail. We can learn from those failings and then plan our next step in growing the district.

As an example of plan, do, review in action we’ll look at this district development strategy every year. Review how it's gone, plan what we're going to do next time around and then set off for the next 12 months.

We'll also be reviewing the impact of Deputy District Commissioners and the wider district team structure for delivering that vision in Summer 2019.