East London Scouts


Nights Away

A Nights Away Notification (NAN) needs to be sent in at least 1 week before camping at a Scout campsite.

Put in a form as soon as you start planning your trip, and you can edit it with final numbers once they've been confirmed.

Leaving Your Hall
(or regular meeting place)

As well as getting permission from parents, you also need to let the District know that it's happening (and that you've got ratios / safety covered.)

It also helps us to shout about all the different activities that are going on in Hackney and Tower Hamlets!

Doctor / Hospital Visits

Accidents happen, but if a young person or an adult has to go to hospital or the doctor as a result of a Scouting activity (even if it's after the activity) then this needs to be reported to HQ.

Phone Information Centre on: 02084337100

To report "near misses" visit scouts.org.uk/nearmiss

County Top Awards

When young people complete their Chief Scout Awards our County puts on a presentation evening for them several times a year to recognise their achievement.

Event Invites:

Please register your Young People as early as possible in order to get them on the invite list for  the next ceremony...

📅 Upcoming dates:

District Calendar

Our district is working towards:

You can add our district calendar onto yours by pressing the + in the bottom right!end

We need leaders to help run these as it's not the ADCs' role to do this.